Lower EUC Risk with Automated Controls

EUC Risk Management & Controls in the Cloud

Is your organization moving towards cloud computing solutions? If so, these initiatives can typically be viewed as two different types of projects.

  1. Moving application servers and databases to cloud servers such as Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure.
  2. Migrating files and data into cloud storage.

How can this be done without disrupting your current EUC and Model controls?  CIMCON can help.


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We recently engaged with a client moving their CIMCON application and database to Amazon AWS. This customer, who has been successfully managing their EUC risk and implementing controls for years using EUC Insight, began to move their IT server infrastructure to the cloud .  The project to migrate the EUC Insight server was conducted in 3 phases:

  1. A proof of concept was conducted to ensure performance over their VPN, and that necessary access and security were in place.  Once the pilot was successfully completed, the migration to AWS was approved.
  1. The EUC Insight server was moved into production on Amazon servers.  This transfer was done without disturbing business as usual.

  2. The monitored EUCs were moved to cloud servers.  While this was a separate project, there was a need to ensure that connectivity between EUC Insight and the files being monitored was never lost.

While this customer chose to use Amazon AWS as the platform for both storing files and hosting server applications, there are several choices. Companies can host their own cloud environment or utilize cloud servers hosted by CIMCON. These can be AWS or Microsoft Azure servers. In addition, the monitored EUCs can stay on premise or be stored on cloud servers such as SharePoint, OneDrive, Box, or Amazon.

For more information on migrating files and data into cloud storage and its risks, visit us here.  


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